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Born in 2018 with a mission to fill a void in the performance marketing realm, Marketify is all about consistently delivering results. In five short years, we evolved into one of North America’s top PPC agencies, continuously outperforming competitors.

Our Clients

Proud partners to some of the most dynamic and disruptive businesses across the globe.

The Right Crew To Fuel Your Digital Success

Our team combines a rich blend of specialists, each contributing their expertise to create unstoppable PPC campaigns. There Are no “juniors” here. Only top world-class talent.
The Driving Force of Marketify

As the CEO of Marketify, a six-time founder, and a thought leader whose articles were published in Forbes, Evgeny is an influential force in the world of digital marketing. With a decade of experience under his belt and a McMaster education fueling his entrepreneurial drive, Evgeny ignites growth for clients through innovation and expertise.

The Decoder of Human Patterns

Four-time founder, McMaster alumna, and a master of anticipation, Madi possesses an uncanny knack for human insight. Her exceptional ability to predict behaviour patterns fuels strategic decisions that catapult our clients’ campaigns toward success.

The Maestro of Social Strategy

With 7+ years in the game, Tamir has mastered social media ads and creative strategy. Managing over $100M in Meta & TikTok Ads, and turning that into $250M for E-commerce brands, he made his mark. A key player in the D2C world, Tamir previously led the team at Power Digital, where he ensured paid social campaigns were profitable and provided incremental revenue for clients.

The Architect of Authentic Content

A traveler with a passion for writing (and coffee), Sarah went from the corporate grind to running her own content firm, and yeah, she's top-notch. She's made a name for herself helping brands get noticed online. When she's not dodging her playful furry friend Lucy or cracking up with her kid, Lennon, she's our main content gal.

The Magician of Sales Success

Our sales maestro with a talent for customer success, has a knack like no other. Legend has it he once sold sand in the Sahara. While we can't confirm this tale, we know his expertise helps boost our sales game. When he's not closing a deal or shaking hands, he's our go-to for daily doses of humor and caffeine-infused brainstorming.

The Conductor of Coordination

Micah is the backbone of our executive team, expertly navigating the complexities of our operational needs with a finesse that keeps everything smooth sailing. With a talent for organization that ensures no detail is overlooked, her role is pivotal in our day-to-day success. Beyond the desk, you'll find Micah where the sea meets the sand, embracing the beach as a source of inspiration and balance.

Unleashing Potential for Brands With An Appetite

We supercharge success for companies with exponential growth and ambitious revenue targets. 
E-commerce powerhouses
Game-changing SaaS providers
Innovative startups
Sprawling multi-location businesses
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Crafting Our Legacy
We're committed to making an impact on businesses of all sizes. From e-commerce and SaaS to startups, let’s turn your brand's story into a memorable journey filled with prosperity.

Join us and see your company's potential unlocked.