Case Study: Turning Elegance into Exponential Growth: Mario Capasa’s D2C Journey

Meet Mario Capasa, an Italian designer furniture brand. They're all about top-notch Italian furniture that looks great and lasts long without costing an arm and a leg.

The Challenge & Objectives

Mario Capasa had a big goal: they wanted to boost their online sales and get their brand in front of more eyes. But since they were primarily focused on B2B business with their distributors, they lacked the strategy and know-how needed to successfully launch a profitable direct-to-consumer sales campaign that will be both successful and scalable.

What we were tasked to do:
Set up a solid Google Ads game plan to increase sales directly from their site.
Show off Mario Capasa's cool furniture to more people using Google Ads.
Get more bang for their buck by increasing ROAS.
Improve performance on secondary KPIs.

Our Approach

To supercharge Mario Capasa's online sales, we initiated a step-by-step process, beginning with a waterfall strategy. This approach focused on generating immediate revenue—like a safety net—to give us flexibility for more explorative efforts down the line. The initial push revolved around Shopping, Search, and retargeting campaigns, targeting those users who were clearly ready to buy.The heart of our operation was a deep-dive into keyword research.

We hunted for niche terms that, while maybe not trending, showed clear purchase intent. These would be our golden tickets to bringing in the right traffic. Alongside this, we ran a dynamic retargeting campaign. Recognizing that every potential customer is different, we tailored our messages to individuals based on where they were in their buying journey.

 The Results

In just half a year, we supercharged Mario Capasa's direct-to-consumer sales by a staggering 1,300%. This wasn't just a win in terms of numbers; it marked a fundamental shift in their business model. From being a brand reliant on intermediaries and distributors, Mario Capasa became a force to reckon with in direct online sales.

Our shopping campaign stood out as a star player, ringing in many high-value orders that could be directly tied back to our ad efforts. But it wasn't just about revenue. Our use of Google Ads became more efficient too, showing a 106% increase in return on ad spend—a rare achievement when scaling up so rapidly. Lastly, our campaigns consistently attracted high-quality users, which was evident from a glancing at the improved KPIs such as clickthrough rates and ad quality scores.

Client Testimonial

"We've wanted to sell more directly to our customers for a while now. With Marketify's help, we didn't just make it happen—we crushed it.

As long as we're using Google Ads, we're sticking with Marketify."

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