Case Study: The Elegance of Affordable Jewelry: Nikia's Remarkable Launch

Client: Nikia

Industry: E-Commerce

Nikia offers a wide range of affordable yet elegant jewelry that bridges the gap between top-tier brands and affordability. With high-quality, stylish, and sophisticated pieces, Nikia seeks to empower women to wear luxury without the hefty price tag.

The Challenge & Objectives

Nikia came to us before they even launched. They had amazing jewelry and big dreams, but they needed a plan. The online shopping world is huge, and they wanted to stand out and grab their piece of the pie. Plus, with so many big players out there, they didn't want to waste any money on ads that wouldn't bring in sales.

Here's what we aimed to do together:
Get the word out about Nikia with a killer ad plan.
Rack up $100,000 in sales just from ads in the first three months.
Make sure we got at least $5 back in sales for every buck we put into ads.

Our Strategic Approach

We wanted the best of both worlds for Nikia, so we mixed the eye-catching style of Facebook/Instagram Ads with the straightforward effectiveness of Google Ads. It was all about finding the right balance to show off what Nikia offers.

Before diving in, we took the time to really understand the type of customers Nikia wanted and create customer personas. With this knowledge in hand, we made sure our ads targeted the right people. To keep things clear and easy to track, we set up a conversion tracking system that showed where every marketing dollar went.

On Facebook and Instagram, we focused on reaching new customers and reminding past visitors to come back. On Google, we showed off Nikia's beautiful jewelry with shopping ads.

And if someone looked but didn’t buy, we used retargeting ads to remind them of what they missed out on, wherever they went online.

 The Results

We hit it out of the park with Nikia, selling more than $130,000 in the first three months. That's 30% more than we were aiming for!

Our return on ad spend (ROAS) was also through the roof, averaging at 546%. It was clear: people loved Nikia's jewelry, and our ads were reaching the right folks.

Because of our early wins, Nikia quickly grew its sales into the 7-figure range, and before long, they were acquired by a larger player in the jewerly space.

Client Testimonial

"We heard about Marketify through a friend and thought we'd give them a try. From day one, they were all in, sharing our dream of growing fast and eventually selling our business.

We owe a lot of our success to them. They worked hard, and it showed."

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