Case Study: Turning Digital Dreams to Reality: RallyUp's Ascent in the SaaS World

Client: Rally Up

Industry: SaaS

A visionary in the SaaS startup sector, RallyUp's prime goal is to aid nonprofits. They provide them with avant-garde fundraising technologies, transforming the conventional donation process into an engaging experience.

The Challenge & Objectives

Breaking into the SaaS market is never a simple endeavor. RallyUp came to us with the challenge of crafting a dependable Google Ads campaign that not only sustains but amplifies their growth trajectory.

Together, we set our sights on three core objectives:
Design a detailed conversion tracking blueprint, capturing every pivotal user action to assess the performance of our Google Ads endeavors.
Roll out a profitable Google Ads PPC strategy that zeroes in on the real decision-makers of nonprofit circles.
Secure a steady influx of signups that dovetails perfectly with RallyUp's overarching growth objectives.

Our Strategic Approach

Recognizing the potential in RallyUp's platform, we embarked on a meticulous journey: The first order of business was devising an intricate, multi-layered conversion tracking system. From the moment a user signed up for free on RallyUp to the instant they launched fundraisers and solicited donations, our mechanism kept a vigilant eye on eight crucial touchpoints.

Next, we launched a strategic blend of search and display retargeting campaigns, expanding to include video content as our efforts progressed.

Our campaigns elegantly navigated two primary themes: showcasing the diverse range of donor activities available on RallyUp (from raffles to walk-a-thons) and pinpointing the target audience – from school consortiums to nonprofit stalwarts.

 The Results

What unfolded was a series of game-changing revelations for RallyUp: Our detailed tracking paradigm unveiled profound insights, showing RallyUp precisely where user engagements waned across their conversion funnel.

This pivotal knowledge spurred RallyUp to introduce sweeping enhancements to their platform, elevating the experience not just for our campaign-induced conversions but for their entire clientele.Within a scant few months, our meticulously planned campaigns bore fruit, netting a remarkable 5x ROI when juxtaposing ad expenditure against the long-term value of a SaaS user.

RallyUp didn't just meet their aspirations – they surpassed them. The impressive ad campaign metrics enabled them to triple their advertising budget in a mere year.A testament to our combined efforts, RallyUp clinched the #323 spot on the prestigious Inc. 5000 list, celebrating America's fastest-evolving companies.
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