Case Study: From Challenge to Triumph: Ten Thousand Villages' Remarkable Journey to Google Ads Profitability

Client: Ten Thousand Villages (TTV)

Industry: E-commerce (Fair Trade Goods)

Ten Thousand Villages stands as the pioneering retailer of fair trade goods, boasting over a century of operation. With a digital storefront complemented by more than 40 physical locations, their commitment to ethical sourcing and selling is unparalleled.

The Challenge & Objectives

Despite their storied history, TTV faced significant hurdles in digital advertising, particularly with Google Ads. Their campaigns were hemorrhaging funds, evidenced by a disheartening ROAS of 0.30. This meant for every dollar spent, only 30 cents were being made in return—a clear signal that a new direction was crucial.

TTV's primary goal was unmistakable: transform Google Ads from a financial sinkhole into a profitable marketing channel. This objective came after unsuccessful attempts with various agencies, marking our collaboration as a pivotal turning point.

Our Approach

The partnership started in August 2023, with the initial month dedicated to exhaustive planning. Our strategy involved a complete overhaul of their existing Google Ads account to stop the financial bleed and strategize for revenue-positive outcomes.

By September 2023, we launched six varied campaigns to test a broad spectrum of marketing tactics within Google Ads. This experimental phase was critical, leading to the early termination of half the tests deemed unprofitable. Remarkably, by the month's end, we celebrated a monumental turnaround, achieving a ROAS of 4.09—over a tenfold improvement from their previous performance.

The following months, October and November, focused on refining these successful campaigns while ambitiously scaling their budget by 400%. 

 The Results

Despite the aggressive expansion, the campaigns maintained a stable ROAS, culminating in an astonishing 11.06 ROAS post-Black Friday—a period traditionally marked by reduced consumer spending.
This remarkable recovery not only redefined TTV's digital advertising strategy but also ignited a broader organizational shift towards valuing and expanding their Google Ads efforts. Our interventions delivered tangible results:
Dramatic ROAS Improvement: From a negative 0.30 to an impressive 11.06, marking a significant turnaround in profitability.
Strategic Product Insights: Our analysis identified untapped best-sellers and informed logistical adjustments for the upcoming holiday season, ensuring TTV could meet demand more effectively.
Market Expansion Recommendations: We identified a growing demand among Jewish customers, advising on new product collections to cater to this demographic.
In addition, we provided crucial feedback on website optimization to enhance user experience, conversion rates, and average order value.


Ten Thousand Villages' journey from digital advertising despair to a position of strength within three months highlights the power of strategic overhaul and targeted campaign management. Our work has laid a solid foundation for TTV's continued growth and adaptation in the digital marketplace, demonstrating the potential of well-executed Google Ads strategies to significantly impact the bottom line.

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